The next step

So far I now have a workable correct model for my axolotl, and am working out the next stage a lid.


My current stage of the project is to work out the whole lid situation. My plan is to create a lid that will contain the motor in a hidden way.

Brittany Raze suggested that I try to come up with a 3D printed designed lid. While I was trying to figure out how I might go about this she put the base of her 3D printed arch reactor on top of my fish bowl. By pure coincidence the piece almost fit exactly on top of my fish bowl! So from Brittany I got the files and have decided to work off those in creating a dynamic lid.


Since this lid looks what I would want the case to look like I have this part of the process set up. However what I still need to figure out is how to set up a space the lid to house the motor with a hole from the string to the axolotl.


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