3D Axolotl Success

Turns out 11th time was the charm! My little 3D axolotl finally printed today and I am incredibly excited!


There were a lot of of supports on the print when it finished. Now unfortunately when I was removing the supports one of the gills did fall off. Also one of them feet was really loose and is on the verge of falling off.


So I think I may end up printing another just to see if the foot stays on better, and besides two axolotls are better then one.

Now that the model works though I can move on in the process of making it move inside my fish bowl. This is a short update but hopefully now that the print actually works I can get moving.

(Side note: It is looking like part of the issue I was running into before might have been caused by a particular filament since that filament still would not successfully print this print.)


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