3D Failures

Currently I am in the process of trying to get my 3D print to actually print. Instead it glitches in the first 5 minutes. (The blessing of this is that I haven’t wasted an abundant of filament even given the number of times I have tried so far)


This is one of the many failures. None of the prints got beyond trying to print the feet. As you can see in the picture above the big pink ovals were the feet however in printing they did not stay put and moved from where they originally were supposed to be. (In two different prints feet fell off the platform)

I am now on my 9th failure. I have tried messing with supports by adding or removing a few times now. I also leveled the platform twice. My most recent attempt was trying to print without any supports. Just to see what happened I tried it, it did not work at all. (I expected this to be the case.)


I am currently in the process of figure out what I can do to make this print work or decide what I might need to change to make it work.

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  1. Just a thought, and it’s hard to tell from pictures, but you could try turning your print around (on its side, its nose, etc.). You’d need to use different supports, obviously, but a different angle might help. I’m in the ThinkLab from 6-9 tonight (Thursday) if you’d like me to take a look at it.

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