A blog post about fake rocks

I got a bunch of rocks. Who knew you could be so excited by rocks but I am. Turns out in my house alone we had lots of different types of fake rocks!

There are these lovely blue/white/green mixed rocks.


Some “sky blue luster”┬árocks. (They look more purple to me.)


More blue solid rocks or “deep blue luster” rocks.


Switching it up with fake natural river rocks. (Also why people make or buy fake rocks is beyond me but for some reason they do and my family bought them.)


Then my favorite these bright red rocks.


Since I have so many different colors of rocks I am considering the idea of maybe purchasing another tank and doing more then 1 print and turning my project into more then just the single tank. So I do not overwhelm myself I am going to start with just the one tank but if I finish the process early I might try to create a second one for the heck of it!

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