Fish bowl project

The project I decided to take on was creating a fish tank with a moving creature inside of it. I modeled my concept after electronic fish tanks like this one.


For my project I will be 3D printing a an axolotl salamander, improving on the original 3D printed design that I started at the beginning of this semester. I will then create a fish bowl environment for the print and make the print move.

Earlier I finally got my original 3D printed axolotl to print.


While I was absolutely thrilled to have it finally print it was not the worlds greatest print. One foot fell off and so did all the gills, plus the body had trouble printing on the bottom. The overall shape was also not as organic as I would like to eventually have it be, it was described as looking more like a slug or hamster (from above).

The only plus was that at least my axolotl thought it was good enough looking to come check it out when I set it next to the tank. So at least it got Dell’s approval!

axos looking

Now I am working on a new model for the print however because I wanted something even more natural looking 3D print.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 4.02.51 PM

In class we got our supplies for our project. I now have a few motors and batteries to get myself started!


bin inside

I also ordered myself a fish bowl. It was a bit smaller then I expected so theres a chance that I may need a larger bowl ultimately but I will try out this one for now.


At the moment I think the only material I don’t have (aside from my 3D print pieces) is some fishing wire or clear string. My next step is to keep working on the design for 3D printing the axolotl and trying to figure out what kind lid to use for the bowl.

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