Lately I have been working on figuring out what the fish bowl interior will logistically look like for the project.One part of this is figuring out if I want some kind of plant like thing inside of it or other decorative elements. Here are some random objects I am considering printing and using in the bowl.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 3.50.46 PM

Also in trying to come up with some concepts I used old tape when I had to change the tape on the 3D printer.

IMG_7907 IMG_7905

I am also on the hunt for something to put on the base of the fish bowl to make it seem more realistic or at least interactive. One idea I came up with was using those plastic rock things, since thats what the product I’m modeling my project off of uses.

By plastic rock things I mean those things that are the base of fancy vases at events. I have yet to find a technical name for these pebbles so here’s an illustratory photo.

Soon I think I can get my hands on some pebbles or at least other something similar very soon since I am going back home to search for those materials!


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