The cardboard robot

Brittany and I decided to work together to create a posable robot made out of only cardboard and wooden dowels.


Brittany drew out the models we would cut the pieces out of cardboard.


In class Brittany worked on creating the cardboard head and I drew out the various body part pieces then cut them all out.After a good deal of struggle with trying to cut out each piece with the box cutter I decided to opt for using scissors. This meant that it was harder to cut but at least I was able to actually cut through instead of just scoring the cardboard and never cutting through. I did use the box cutter to score the cardboard that needed to be folded. These are the finished pieces.


Next we needed to puncture holes to add the dowels to make the robot posable. Puncturing the holes just the right size so the dowels would fit but not be too loose was our next problem to figure out. Brittany tested out a large pointed syringe and we got really lucky, it was the perfect size to fit the dowel through without being too loose. After realizing that, Brittany put holes in the leg pieces and we assembled those.


By the end of class last week we had constructed the legs and feet. This coming class we should be able to fully finish constructing the robot and make any changes that might need to be made.

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